Can’t you get all 12,975 Filipinos in the picture?  My Mom can.

Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1. The other right.

2. Okay put away the red glasses.  There is always one in a crowd!

3. Better avoid the yogurt shops after this.  They will be swamped!

4.  We are the champions, my friend.

This is a photo of 12,975 Filipinos dancing to Zumba to set a World Record.


Earn 6% Risk Free Without Big Banks

Crowdfunding is doing what banks used to do – care about you. How about a hug?


How would you like to get 6% guaranteed interest without risk for your hard-earned savings?  Certificates of Deposits (CDs) are earning only about 1% at big banks. You could put it in the stock market and risk getting at most 4% to 10%.  But right now the stock market is very volatile with triple digit drops and rises. You could lose all your money.  That would be a -100% interest rate.

A safer arrangement is loaning your money to a crowdfunding company that in turn loans it to small businesses for a slightly higher interest rate.  Each crowdfunding company is the middle man of a perfectly legitimate transaction that big banks used to do.

Big banks are too busy giving 1% or less on savings while charging 26% on credit cards.  You do the math.  Big banks do not care about you at all.

Crowdfunding and crowd sourcing are really taking off as a means to raise money or get loans.  But most companies loan your deposits to small businesses.  Here is one such company.

I am not the only one talking about this.  Here is Clark Howard discussing crowdfunding.

Here are two popular peer-to-peer websites that also deals with loans.

With the stock market being very volatile, now is a great time to get 6% guaranteed.