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Three fictional thrillers based in the future by Michael E Kelley.

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The Federal Reserve is Topsy Turvy [Yes I am old] But Can Be Improved


The Federal Reserve has been slow to act for fear of market reaction. Here is proof.

  1. Kept balance sheet high for too long. Quantitative Easing (QE) has gone on too long.
  2. Drank the unemployment Kool-Aid and ignored other signals.
  3. Looked at CPI as temporary and ignored Wage Inflation.
  4. Did not increase frequency of meetings to once a month during tumultuous time.
  5. Reacted rather than be proactive.
  6. Targeted inflation at 2% when the previous 50 years averaged 2.5% inflation.

The Federal Reserve can take these steps to fix some things.

  1. Meet monthly.
  2. Reduce Balance sheet aka stop QE.
  3. Increase interest rates 0.25 each month and avoid 0.50 increases.
  4. Assume recession is coming and be prepared to stop tightening.
  5. Set inflation target at 3%.
  6. Add non-voting younger University Economics Professors to board.

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The Pandemic Must Be Over


I found several headlines in highly respected magazines. It MUST be true!

I mean, celebrities said IT IS OVER so it has to be true. Right?

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I Feel Sorry For Putin


Putin is a very, very busy man of power.

  1. Putin has to review and approve all media posts.
  2. Putin has to approve all bank transactions over $1000.
  3. Putin has to make sure each bank transaction results in pennies being added to his overseas account.
  4. Putin has to constantly restock his supply of poison.


Путин должен просматривать и одобрять все публикации в СМИ.
Путин должен одобрять все банковские операции свыше 1000 долларов.
Путин должен следить за тем, чтобы каждая банковская транзакция приносила копейки на его зарубежный счет.
Путину приходится постоянно пополнять запасы яда.

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In protest, #Trump supporters should remove their names from their state’s voter lists.

Mark Meadows, former Chief of Staff to Trump, appears to have falsified his voter address. So his state removed his name from their voter list.

In protest, pro-Trump voters should remove their names from their state’s voter lists.

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