Trump Will Split From Republicans

After losing the Republican nomination for President in 2024, Trump will create a new MAGA party. Not since Teddy Roosevelt has a former President created a third party.

For more info on Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressive Party, click this link.,_1912)

#DNCDebate With #Pope Tiebreaker

When you just gotta fight for what you believe in.


Select your favorite candidate.

Group A:  My candidate believes all lives matter.

Group B: My candidate is the most progressive.

Group A:  My candidate is from the mid-west, eats coal for dinner and built a brick wall around her house.

Group B:  My candidate is good enough, smart enough and dog gone it, people like him.


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#WereGonnaPartyLikeIts Your #90th Birthday

Put yourself in the photographer’s position.


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  Get outta here!  Where the heck did you find pink balloons?

2.  Come on.  Tell me.  Are you three sisters?

3.  I think the 9 should be a 6.

4. You do not look a day over 50.


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American Majority Party

Everyone I know of is sick and tired of partisan politics.


There is a better way.  Rather than have lobbyists or your party determine what you should vote for, how about voting for change based on national polls?

Instead of picking the “least damaging” or “closest to your views” candidate, how about voting for the one in the majority?

That is exactly what the American Majority Party candidate would do if elected.

For example if one year a certified national poll says Americans want prohibition, then the American Majority Party (AMP) elected official will vote for prohibition.

If the next year a certified poll says Americans changed their minds and do not want prohibition, then the AMP elected official would vote against prohibition.

The American Majority Party.  It is as simple as Apple Pie.

When Kids Ask What GOP Stands For

I tell them it means “Government Obstructionist Party”.


They shutdown the government rather than pass a budget and raise the debt ceiling.

Consequently the economy lost $24 billion dollars for the quarter.

And the Congressional members did not lose a dime of income during this shutdown.

Here is a list of names of the 144 obstructionists that voted NO on the House of Representatives bill that raised the debt ceiling.  All of them are members of the GOP.

Here is a quote to think about.  “The extreme right has 90 seats in the House,” Mr. Echevarria, CEO of Deloitte, said. “Occupy Wall Street has no seats.”

Please make a note of these for the 2014 election so we can even the score.