#DNCDebate With #Pope Tiebreaker

When you just gotta fight for what you believe in.


Select your favorite candidate.

Group A:  My candidate believes all lives matter.

Group B: My candidate is the most progressive.

Group A:  My candidate is from the mid-west, eats coal for dinner and built a brick wall around her house.

Group B:  My candidate is good enough, smart enough and dog gone it, people like him.


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A Wild And Crazy Year So Far

I am talking about the stock market year-to-date.


Every day since the year started, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the most widely watched American index, has swung up or down in the triple digits i.e. over 100 points.


In fact, the average swing each day since Jan 1, 2015 has been 268 points for the Dow.


What does this mean to the average Joe?

In a nutshell, volatility means worry for the future. And investors hate volatility.

The good news is there were four large changes of the DOW of more than 300 plus or minus points before a recession happened in 2008.  So we can predict the next recession.

Here is an excellent detailed look at the current volatility by Forbes.


Now that is wild and crazy.