Beachgoer Almost Forgets To Vote


Do NOT let this happen to you. Courtesy of JAMES D. MORGAN, GETTY IMAGES.

The beachgoer was heard to say, “What are you looking at? I am trying to vote here. This is serious stuff.”

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#DNCDebate With #Pope Tiebreaker

When you just gotta fight for what you believe in.


Select your favorite candidate.

Group A:  My candidate believes all lives matter.

Group B: My candidate is the most progressive.

Group A:  My candidate is from the mid-west, eats coal for dinner and built a brick wall around her house.

Group B:  My candidate is good enough, smart enough and dog gone it, people like him.


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#Caging Should Always Be Illegal

When political parties stoop to dirty tactics to prevent citizens from voting.



An example of caging.

Republicans tried to stop a 100 year old woman from voting in North Carolina even though she had voted for 24 years.

How caging works.  

Republicans get a list of Democrat voter addresses.  They mail them a survey.  If there is no response, then they can challenge the voter to have them removed from voter registration lists.  Come election time, long time voters find they cannot vote.

If you think this is illegal, contact your County Registrar’s office or your State Representative.

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Explaining #BREXIT

Why is this such a shock and what does it mean?.




The financial world is in shock  because they like the status quo.

The BREXIT was approved because the world aka the 99% including Britain wants change, any kind of change.  Which of course explains Donald Trump’s success in the US.

The polls probably did not reflect the last minute decision makers and instead reflected the people who were able to be polled aka the retired people on the street who had time to answer silly polling questions.  These are generally conservative people who do not like change.


Well the financial world is in turmoil because they also do not understand what this means.  So you can expect the stock markets around the world to be very negative for quite a while.  There may be enough negativity that we may experience a recession, which a number of respected economists have predicted for months.


Change is coming.  The demographics show the population is becoming more diverse aka less Caucasian.  Also the young voters are saying “We are tired of inequality and of politicians paid by the rich to do their work.  Your generation had your chance.  Now it is our turn and we are going to do something different.”

If you want some other financial advice, see this.

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Chicken Takes Lickin’ and Keeps Tickin’

We can learn a lot from the Congresswoman from Denver.



She stated in a Committee meeting that Blacks were over weight and poor from eating too much chicken.  She also claimed Mexicans were slimmer before migrating to the US because of more vegetables in the Mexican diet.

These broad statements are completely false.  The chickens should organize a million chicken march.

We can learn several lessons from these statements:

1. Just about anybody can get elected with enough money.

2. People need to read or view unbiased news more often and not skip the statistics.

Now we know why the young people in the 20’s and 30’s are abstaining from voting.

But young people are our future and must take an interest to fix this situation.  They do not have to march on Washington.  But they do need to vote, no matter what.  Always.

Everyone needs to be better than the chicken by takin’ a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.