#WereGonnaPartyLikeIts Your #90th Birthday

Put yourself in the photographer’s position.


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  Get outta here!  Where the heck did you find pink balloons?

2.  Come on.  Tell me.  Are you three sisters?

3.  I think the 9 should be a 6.

4. You do not look a day over 50.


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Sisters Successfully Sail to Seashore

Syrian sisters with scarves no less.


There is hope for these lucky girls who crossed the Aegean Sea on a dinghy and landed near the town of Mytilene, Greece.

One could grow up to be a Greek politician fighting for immigration rights.

The other could become a Greek nurse taking care of hospice patients.

You never know.

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Oshkosh By Gosh Gets Cash For Non-Posh Says Josh

Yes, Oshkosh will be providing the new Humvee replacement for the military.



Now I dare you to say the title fast three times!

This is a big deal for Oshkosh.  The contract is worth a potential $30 billion.

Over 50,000 of the new non-posh vehicles could be built if the entire contract is exercised.

And you thought they only made baby clothes.

Now you may be wondering who Josh is?  He is a family friend who lives in Colorado.  I am sure he would have said this if I asked him to.

Bubble Gum and Baseball Captions

Here is a whopper of a bubble by Bobby Abreu. Which is your favorite caption?


1. I was hoping to intimidate the pitcher.  Next time I will pop it at the plate.

2. I dedicate this pink rose to my Mom.

3. Let’s see my competition do this.

4. I hope I didn’t scare anybody.

5. I am able to do this because I played trumpet in grade school.

6. Next time I will shave first.  This could get messy.

Thanks to Getty Images, Bobby Abreu and my followers.