Japan – Why Negative Interest Rates?

A number of countries have implemented a negative interest rate policy (NIRP).  Why?


Generally Central Banks try to stimulate their country’s economy by lowering interest rates.  This encourages banks and businesses to issue loans or take out loans.

Japan had a +0.1 interest rate and had nowhere to go but negative to lower interest rates in order to stimulate their economy.

Here is how it works.  Banks usually pay interest to use your money.  Instead a negative interest rate works like a safe deposit box. You pay to have the bank hold your money.

Unfortunately, people would rather have cash which results in hoarding and does the opposite of stimulating the economy.

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Oshkosh By Gosh Gets Cash For Non-Posh Says Josh

Yes, Oshkosh will be providing the new Humvee replacement for the military.



Now I dare you to say the title fast three times!

This is a big deal for Oshkosh.  The contract is worth a potential $30 billion.

Over 50,000 of the new non-posh vehicles could be built if the entire contract is exercised.

And you thought they only made baby clothes.

Now you may be wondering who Josh is?  He is a family friend who lives in Colorado.  I am sure he would have said this if I asked him to.