#Monkey See Monkey Get

This little guy has his mind made up.


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  Swrwy pfft da bwnna dun nt nwdy ga hit.

2.  Slowly put the banana down and nobody gets hurt.

3.  I trained with these knives for 3 years.  Now I want to get paid.

4.  I ran out of gum so I chew on the red handle instead.


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Bubble Gum and Baseball Captions

Here is a whopper of a bubble by Bobby Abreu. Which is your favorite caption?


1. I was hoping to intimidate the pitcher.  Next time I will pop it at the plate.

2. I dedicate this pink rose to my Mom.

3. Let’s see my competition do this.

4. I hope I didn’t scare anybody.

5. I am able to do this because I played trumpet in grade school.

6. Next time I will shave first.  This could get messy.

Thanks to Getty Images, Bobby Abreu and my followers.

Holiday Wish List

1. Find CHOPSTICKS that work.  For food, not flies.


2. Start an internet casting site dedicated to COMEDY films, tv shows and radio programs.  Call it COMEDYCATION.  Get it?  A commingling of the words comedy, communication, and medication.  Because humor is the best medicine.

3. Learn how to JUGGLE.

4. Pass some kind of US CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to a.) limit and expose campaign financing, b.) limit human rights to humans not corporations, or c.) both.

5. Invent GUM that won’t stick to desks.

6. Start the AMERICAN MAJORITY PARTY that votes based on the results of at least 2 national polls.

7. Go BUNGEE JUMPING off a bridge over water.

Maybe next year.