Trump Will Split From Republicans

After losing the Republican nomination for President in 2024, Trump will create a new MAGA party. Not since Teddy Roosevelt has a former President created a third party.

For more info on Teddy Roosevelt and the Progressive Party, click this link.,_1912)

#Syria Soon To Be A Country of Five

#Syria is soon to be a country of five. Today over 250 mostly civilians were killed in the city of #Ghouta as President Bashar al-Assad tries to forcefully gain control of Syria.

Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 5.48.31 PM


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  What war?

2.  What game do Syrian children play?  Life

3.  What is the goal in Syria?

4.  Something to think about besides the #Olympics2018.


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#HardKnocks For President Obama

This guy keeps getting knocked down.


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  Help! I’ve fallen and can’t get up.

2.  Those darn Republicans.  Can’t they leave me alone and go after Hillary?

3.  That’s it.  No more gettin’ down with the youngins and tryin’ skateboarding.

4.  My booty ain’t got the Kardashian it used to.

5.  Oh that wasn’t a water slide?


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Special thanks to Jacquelyn Martin of AP.

#Revenge Knows No #Religion Even In #Syria

People that are so angry that they seek revenge are in a hate zone.



Examples of haters that sought revenge include Adolf Hitler and Star Wars’ Darth Vader both of whom sought to eliminate an entire race and were not religious.

But why do so many terrorists seek revenge and appear to have religion?


First the religion part of the question.  Muslims will admit that the terrorists say they have a religion but in fact the beliefs of terrorists do not resemble Islam.

Secondly many terrorists are from Syria or are Syrian supporters.  Why?


Syria is about the size of Wisconsin.  Imagine the Governor of Wisconsin decided he did NOT want to step down and really wanted to keep his power.  First he started bombing his adversaries and then started bombing everyone.  Next he started using chemical weapons against his citizens.  Finally outside parties started bombing its citizens.  What do you think the people in Wisconsin would do?

Wisconsinites would migrate to another state.  That is exactly what is happening with Syrians in Europe.

Meanwhile a small percentage of Syrians decided to take revenge for the people that bombed their cities for several years and destroyed their lifestyle.  This could be people that supported President Bashar al-Assad or people that did not support him.

Thus you have terrorists trying to get revenge against several countries.


So how do we solve this crisis?  We stop bombing Syria and start rebuilding it.  Shouldn’t there be money in the Defense budgets to fix returning soldiers as well as rebuild the cities we destroyed?  Some will say that is going too far.  But can we agree to at least stop the bombing?

Can I have an Amen, Ameen or Shalom?


Pick The White House Caption

Here is the May USA Today Caption Contest photo.  Can you pick the best caption?



Here are the choices.  Please pick your favorite.

1. I hear White House security is still having issues.

2. Looks like one of the tourists got lost.

3. Don’t just stand there get me Bill on the phone!

4. I have this feeling I am being stalked.

5. Let’s see what my successor can do with that mess.

Hope you enjoyed this.  Thanks to USA Today and Mike Smith.

Republicans Consider Unfriending Obama on Facebook

What is the social networking world coming to?


[The following is reprinted from The Washington Post as written by Dana Milbank.]

Among the many ways Republican members of Congress are contemplating to punish President Obama for his executive actions on immigration is a proposal of elegant simplicity: They would refuse to invite him to the Capitol to give his State of the Union address.

Yes, that should do the job. And if this doesn’t force Obama to back down from his executive orders, Republican lawmakers can escalate by unfriending him on Facebook and unfollowing him on Twitter. If even this fails, they can take the extreme step of having their Christmas cards from the Obamas returned to sender. Surely, the president then would have no choice but to relent.

For the complete editorial, visit this website.


Warren Buffett Is Completely Wrong About Clinton

Warren may make great stock picks but he is not a politico.

buffettand hillary

Buffett has announced that Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 Presidential Election.

Not gonna happen and here is why.


His prediction is based on the list of divisive Republican Presidential candidates which has no standout candidate.  That much is obviously correct.

But his prize candidate, Hillary Clinton, has tons of baggage which will eliminate her.

First off she is too closely aligned with Obama who picked her as his Secretary of State.  Second, she has a black eye for messing up Benghazi as she left the State department.  Third, she is not known as a champion of the working class.  And fourth, she is aligned with old politics and business as usual.

What does this mean?  Americans are ready for change and the new majority of millennials and generation-x folk are looking for a new hero/heroine to lead the United States to the next level of hope and greatness.

Who can rise to the occasion?  Elizabeth Warren can.

elizabethwarrenShe fought harder than anybody for regulation of out of control banks. Elizabeth is not considered establishment.  She has a proven Congressional record of making progress not suppressing it.  Elizabeth fights for working class people.  And she is not aligned with Obama.

So Elizabeth Warren will be the next President of the United States.

Warren Buffett is not exactly winning when it comes to politics.  He picked Hillary in 2008.

Obama and Assad Imitate Cosby

President Obama wasn’t going to let Syria’s President Bashar Assad be the only one with a Bill Cosby impersonation.


The President is seen here saying, “Anybody got any frizzle frazzle?”

The Obama response was prompted by a news report on  The Daily Show Tuesday Sept 10 by Aasif Mandvi.  In this video clip of the report is a Cosby impersonation by Assad during his Charm Offensive.—charm-offensive

Enjoy these rare moments between wars as politicians let down their guard.

For some reason I am suddenly craving a pudding pop.