Warren Buffett Is Completely Wrong About Clinton

Warren may make great stock picks but he is not a politico.

buffettand hillary

Buffett has announced that Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 Presidential Election.

Not gonna happen and here is why.


His prediction is based on the list of divisive Republican Presidential candidates which has no standout candidate.  That much is obviously correct.

But his prize candidate, Hillary Clinton, has tons of baggage which will eliminate her.

First off she is too closely aligned with Obama who picked her as his Secretary of State.  Second, she has a black eye for messing up Benghazi as she left the State department.  Third, she is not known as a champion of the working class.  And fourth, she is aligned with old politics and business as usual.

What does this mean?  Americans are ready for change and the new majority of millennials and generation-x folk are looking for a new hero/heroine to lead the United States to the next level of hope and greatness.

Who can rise to the occasion?  Elizabeth Warren can.

elizabethwarrenShe fought harder than anybody for regulation of out of control banks. Elizabeth is not considered establishment.  She has a proven Congressional record of making progress not suppressing it.  Elizabeth fights for working class people.  And she is not aligned with Obama.

So Elizabeth Warren will be the next President of the United States.

Warren Buffett is not exactly winning when it comes to politics.  He picked Hillary in 2008.

All You Can Eat Buffett – As In Warren Buffett

Let’s don’t all get big heads now!


Okay.  I love blowups of heads as much as anybody.  Like the recent “The Voice” episode featuring the finals where the country western singer, Jake Worthington,  has his hometown rooting for him.  With blowups of his head.


Anyways back to Warren Buffett.  Here is a website that proves that you can earn more money and eat better than Warren.


Good luck with your investments.