TikTok Challenge: Avoid Fox News For 30 Days


Pick among these 4 networks or a website like CNN.com or HuffPost.com.

If you hear a friend or relative saying any of the following, offer the TikTok Challenge aka Avoid Fox News for 30 Days for a chance to be trending online.

  • Those people.
  • Hang Mike Pence.
  • You can’t trust the elections.
  • Darn immigrants.
  • Hang Nancy Pelosi.
  • Make America Great Again.

Good luck! And may the best Native American win.

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In protest, #Trump supporters should remove their names from their state’s voter lists.

Mark Meadows, former Chief of Staff to Trump, appears to have falsified his voter address. So his state removed his name from their voter list.

In protest, pro-Trump voters should remove their names from their state’s voter lists.

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Republicans Consider Unfriending Obama on Facebook

What is the social networking world coming to?


[The following is reprinted from The Washington Post as written by Dana Milbank.]

Among the many ways Republican members of Congress are contemplating to punish President Obama for his executive actions on immigration is a proposal of elegant simplicity: They would refuse to invite him to the Capitol to give his State of the Union address.

Yes, that should do the job. And if this doesn’t force Obama to back down from his executive orders, Republican lawmakers can escalate by unfriending him on Facebook and unfollowing him on Twitter. If even this fails, they can take the extreme step of having their Christmas cards from the Obamas returned to sender. Surely, the president then would have no choice but to relent.

For the complete editorial, visit this website.



What Would $4 Billion in Election Money Buy?

We just saw the most expensive midterm election in our nation’s history.



Did you get any robocalls? Are you sick of them?

The effect of  U.S. Supreme Court rulings like Citizens United resulted in a midterm election that cost almost $4 BILLION.  And much of it was DARK MONEY.

$4 BILLION could pay for one year of the entire budget of the state of Delaware.

$4 billion could buy 1 billion meals for the homeless.

Or pay for the entire annual Renewable Energy Loans Program.

Now the American people are taking a stand.

The fifth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that enabled that corruption is right around the corner — and people are gearing up to make this one of the last anniversaries before Citizens United is overturned.

Activists nationwide are renewing the fight to make their state the next to call for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Across the country, voters are outraged that a few billionaires continue to try to buy our democracy often hiding their identity.

Go to Money Out / Voters In http://www.moneyoutvotersin.org/

And help pave the way to restoring real democracy.

Warren Buffett Is Completely Wrong About Clinton

Warren may make great stock picks but he is not a politico.

buffettand hillary

Buffett has announced that Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 Presidential Election.

Not gonna happen and here is why.


His prediction is based on the list of divisive Republican Presidential candidates which has no standout candidate.  That much is obviously correct.

But his prize candidate, Hillary Clinton, has tons of baggage which will eliminate her.

First off she is too closely aligned with Obama who picked her as his Secretary of State.  Second, she has a black eye for messing up Benghazi as she left the State department.  Third, she is not known as a champion of the working class.  And fourth, she is aligned with old politics and business as usual.

What does this mean?  Americans are ready for change and the new majority of millennials and generation-x folk are looking for a new hero/heroine to lead the United States to the next level of hope and greatness.

Who can rise to the occasion?  Elizabeth Warren can.

elizabethwarrenShe fought harder than anybody for regulation of out of control banks. Elizabeth is not considered establishment.  She has a proven Congressional record of making progress not suppressing it.  Elizabeth fights for working class people.  And she is not aligned with Obama.

So Elizabeth Warren will be the next President of the United States.

Warren Buffett is not exactly winning when it comes to politics.  He picked Hillary in 2008.

American Majority Party

Everyone I know of is sick and tired of partisan politics.


There is a better way.  Rather than have lobbyists or your party determine what you should vote for, how about voting for change based on national polls?

Instead of picking the “least damaging” or “closest to your views” candidate, how about voting for the one in the majority?

That is exactly what the American Majority Party candidate would do if elected.

For example if one year a certified national poll says Americans want prohibition, then the American Majority Party (AMP) elected official will vote for prohibition.

If the next year a certified poll says Americans changed their minds and do not want prohibition, then the AMP elected official would vote against prohibition.

The American Majority Party.  It is as simple as Apple Pie.

The Assassination of Political Robocalls

Sick of robocalls?  Then you will appreciate my new book entitled “The Assassination of Political Robocalls.”  This futuristic murder mystery features several plot twists.



The year is 2034 and people are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The Amendment.  Suddenly the President is shot.


This must-read book features over 55 predictions for the future. How many will you find and how many will come true?

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