The Low and High Trailing Execution (LHTE) Stop Order



#Valentine Viewpoint

I sometimes see myself in a totally different light than others.


My wife puts up with me despite the following:

o  Losing money in the stock market.

o  Misplacing my checkbook.

o  Trying to be funny.

o  Taking on too much.

Who would have known.

Hope you all have/had a great Valentines Day!

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Stop In the Name of Love

This is the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) Chairwoman, Janet Yellen.

yellen (2)

She probably doesn’t dance like she used to, but she still gets around.

Pick your favorite caption to go with this photo.

1. I have 5 grandkids.  How many do you have?

2. You know the cop on the Monopoly board that sticks his hand out and says, “Go to jail”?  Well, I am nothing like him.

3. Congress, you silly old goats, will you stop harassing me?

4. Let’s make a deal.  I will not increase interest rates for 5 months in exchange for less harassment.

5. We give you five five mints in one. You know, five money printing presses in one country.

You have to hand it to Janet, she has a nice smile.

Have a great day!


What Would $4 Billion in Election Money Buy?

We just saw the most expensive midterm election in our nation’s history.



Did you get any robocalls? Are you sick of them?

The effect of  U.S. Supreme Court rulings like Citizens United resulted in a midterm election that cost almost $4 BILLION.  And much of it was DARK MONEY.

$4 BILLION could pay for one year of the entire budget of the state of Delaware.

$4 billion could buy 1 billion meals for the homeless.

Or pay for the entire annual Renewable Energy Loans Program.

Now the American people are taking a stand.

The fifth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that enabled that corruption is right around the corner — and people are gearing up to make this one of the last anniversaries before Citizens United is overturned.

Activists nationwide are renewing the fight to make their state the next to call for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Across the country, voters are outraged that a few billionaires continue to try to buy our democracy often hiding their identity.

Go to Money Out / Voters In

And help pave the way to restoring real democracy.

What To Do With That Tax Refund

In a couple of weeks, you will be able to purchase my new book, in hardback, in paperback or in e-book form.


The book is a murder mystery that takes place in 2034.

Oh! You say you did not get a tax refund?  Well, in a week or so, the very first 2 chapters will be posted right here on my website for free.

Then soon after, you will want to purchase the entire book via

Thanks for all your support.  I think you will enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

New Obama Dollar Coin Announced

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Treasury Department announced today that they are pressing forward with the minting of a new dollar coin with the silhouette of President Barack Obama.

orange_obama_coinThe President was “thrilled” to hear about the new coin, a White House source confirmed.  He had been “totally furious” that he had spent time the precious week posing for a trillion-dollar platinum coin that would never be minted. See

Treasury officials reversed course and decided to commemorate the historical second inauguration.  They will be using funds budgeted before sequestration.

After the overwhelming success of adding color to paper money, the Treasury Department decided to start coloring coins as well.  When asked why the color orange was chosen, Robert Steel of the Treasury Department replied, “The coin is only 10 percent silver and 20 percent nickel so it does not really matter.”

Mr. Steel also announced that the coin would be available in 60 days assuming it passes testing to see if any teeth marks could be detected.

Both Treasury and White House officials collaborated on the coin’s design.  In acknowledgement of all the various religions found in the U.S., the coin will not have the words “In God We Trust.”

The coin fiasco behind him, Mr. Obama has now apparently turned his attention to balancing the budget within the next 100 years.