What Would $4 Billion in Election Money Buy?

We just saw the most expensive midterm election in our nation’s history.



Did you get any robocalls? Are you sick of them?

The effect of  U.S. Supreme Court rulings like Citizens United resulted in a midterm election that cost almost $4 BILLION.  And much of it was DARK MONEY.

$4 BILLION could pay for one year of the entire budget of the state of Delaware.

$4 billion could buy 1 billion meals for the homeless.

Or pay for the entire annual Renewable Energy Loans Program.

Now the American people are taking a stand.

The fifth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that enabled that corruption is right around the corner — and people are gearing up to make this one of the last anniversaries before Citizens United is overturned.

Activists nationwide are renewing the fight to make their state the next to call for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United.

Across the country, voters are outraged that a few billionaires continue to try to buy our democracy often hiding their identity.

Go to Money Out / Voters In http://www.moneyoutvotersin.org/

And help pave the way to restoring real democracy.

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