Udder Madness

Ever have one of those INFORMATION OVERLOAD days?


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  Why do these judges always have cold hands?

2.  Mister, you have 5 seconds before I kick!

3.  Can’t you guys move on to the cow chip throwing contest?

4.  Oh!  Oh!  I feel a chocolate shake coming on.


Bears Gone Wild

This bear thinks he can catch the cyclist.  What do you think?


Pick your favorite caption from the following choices.

1. How can that guy wear shorts in this weather?

2. Hey you. Am I in time for the triathlon?

3. I should have waited to have my fish dinner.

4. Did that guy smell like Honey Boo Boo?

Let me know your favorite.  Have a great day.


Pick The Bubble Boy Caption

Take a look at this picture.  Can you pick your favorite caption?


Here are the choices.  Please pick your favorite.

1. Whew! It smells like a men’s locker room in here.

2. Is that the edge of the cliff behind me?

3. Maybe someone should have put air holes in this thing.

4. Is my time up yet?  I am more phobic than I thought.

5. Does this come with a barf bag?

6. I am definitely taking a shower and washing my clothes after this.

7. If this thing pops, do I get a refund?

Hope you enjoyed this.

Pick The White House Caption

Here is the May USA Today Caption Contest photo.  Can you pick the best caption?



Here are the choices.  Please pick your favorite.

1. I hear White House security is still having issues.

2. Looks like one of the tourists got lost.

3. Don’t just stand there get me Bill on the phone!

4. I have this feeling I am being stalked.

5. Let’s see what my successor can do with that mess.

Hope you enjoyed this.  Thanks to USA Today and Mike Smith.

This is a Bunch of Bull

No I am not talking about this website.  I mean this bull.


Here are some possible captions for this bullfighter.  What is your favorite?

1. Note to self: Don’t wear pajamas in the ring.

2. Is this what my boss meant by taking the bull by the horns?

3. If I complete a somersault, maybe I won’t get hurt.

4. I should have worn Levis.

5. This is gonna leave a mark.

6. Now I wish I had paid my medical insurance premium.


Stop In the Name of Love

This is the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) Chairwoman, Janet Yellen.

yellen (2)

She probably doesn’t dance like she used to, but she still gets around.

Pick your favorite caption to go with this photo.

1. I have 5 grandkids.  How many do you have?

2. You know the cop on the Monopoly board that sticks his hand out and says, “Go to jail”?  Well, I am nothing like him.

3. Congress, you silly old goats, will you stop harassing me?

4. Let’s make a deal.  I will not increase interest rates for 5 months in exchange for less harassment.

5. We give you five five mints in one. You know, five money printing presses in one country.

You have to hand it to Janet, she has a nice smile.

Have a great day!


Pick the Exploding Kitten Caption

Can you name the correct caption?


Here are the choices.  Please pick your favorite.

1. Ay, caramba!

2. This world sucks!  I need to find a new one.

3. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

4. I guess I shouldn’t have put those fireworks in my back pocket and sat on the stove.

5. Springsteen, I’m on fire!

6. I’m burnin’ for you!  No, not you. You.

Hope you enjoyed this.  Thanks to Elan Lee and crew.


Can You Name The Office Caption?

Take a closer look at this picture.  Can you name the correct caption?


Here are the choices.  Please pick your favorite.

1. Pinata time!

2. Ring around the rosie!

3. Just the fax, man.

4. This is the last time this printer/fax machine jams.

5. To the moon, Alice!

6. Thank goodness we have 20 other 30 year-old printers.

7. I love my job. I love my job.

Hope you enjoyed this.  Thanks to MarketWatch.com and Office Space.

Can You Name The Water Caption?

Take a closer look at this picture.  Can you name the correct caption?


Here are the choices.  Please pick your favorite.

1. City decided they needed more waterfalls.

2. City trying to be the Niagara Falls of California.

3. City wanted more surfing downtown close to shops.

4. City wanted to create 6 more jobs and lower unemployment rate.

5. City did not want new Pavillion flooded after record rain.

6. Pavillion removes water after ice rink melts.

7. Toilets backup after Chris Christie visits Pavillion.

8. Squeegee company demonstrates newest model.

Hope you enjoyed this.  Thanks to LA Times.