#NationalBeerLoversDay Spoiled By Freak Accident

When you just gotta slow down around those highway curves.


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  This is making me thirsty.

2.  I was supposed to have the day off to drink.

3.  I wonder how much recycling money this is worth?

4.  Crap, I think my squeegee just tore.  Who came up with the name squeegee?


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Can You Name The Water Caption?

Take a closer look at this picture.  Can you name the correct caption?


Here are the choices.  Please pick your favorite.

1. City decided they needed more waterfalls.

2. City trying to be the Niagara Falls of California.

3. City wanted more surfing downtown close to shops.

4. City wanted to create 6 more jobs and lower unemployment rate.

5. City did not want new Pavillion flooded after record rain.

6. Pavillion removes water after ice rink melts.

7. Toilets backup after Chris Christie visits Pavillion.

8. Squeegee company demonstrates newest model.

Hope you enjoyed this.  Thanks to LA Times.