This is a Bunch of Bull

No I am not talking about this website.  I mean this bull.


Here are some possible captions for this bullfighter.  What is your favorite?

1. Note to self: Don’t wear pajamas in the ring.

2. Is this what my boss meant by taking the bull by the horns?

3. If I complete a somersault, maybe I won’t get hurt.

4. I should have worn Levis.

5. This is gonna leave a mark.

6. Now I wish I had paid my medical insurance premium.


Add Soy Sauce to List of Things to Avoid

Okay.  Maybe that is going too far.  More like add it to a list of things to take in moderation as part of a modern nation.


Recently a young man, on a dare, swallowed a quart of regular soy sauce and almost died from too much salt.  This is almost as bad as a heaping spoon of cinnamon.

You probably already have a list of things to avoid including:  sugar, salt, fat, fast food, and anything that is still moving.

So next time grab for the low salt green bottle.  If you do not have a list, you better get started or your significant other will do it for you.  Because that list may include avoiding your favorite foods.