#IWillBeOkayAsSoonAs I Eat

When you just gotta have something to eat.


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  I am sick of eating healthy.  Especially flowers.

2.  I can’t wait to eat your bananas.

3.  And don’t expect me to scratch your back in return.

4.  Crap, my hair is a mess.  I should have used conditioner.


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Special thanks to Ishara Kidkara of AFP/Getty Images.

Go Nuts!

This isn’t about doing a cart-wheel in your office, though you need to get out of your chair.  This is about the health advantages of eating nuts!

By mnn.com

By mnn.com

A recent study over a long period of time with over 100,000 people and analyzed by habits. shows eating nuts every day decreases health issues by 20%.  Here is the study.


Contrary to myth, nuts do not make you fat as this study confirms.  In fact nuts have a higher protein to sugar level than any snack.  The study was done regardless if the nuts were roasted, dry roasted, salty, unsalted or grown on a tree or in the ground.

Also you want to increase the good fat, lower the bad fat and lower your sugar intake.  Nuts help you achieve that.

The squirrel above looks fat because he is about to hibernate and go without food for 6 months.

So nuts to you!

Add Soy Sauce to List of Things to Avoid

Okay.  Maybe that is going too far.  More like add it to a list of things to take in moderation as part of a modern nation.


Recently a young man, on a dare, swallowed a quart of regular soy sauce and almost died from too much salt.  This is almost as bad as a heaping spoon of cinnamon.

You probably already have a list of things to avoid including:  sugar, salt, fat, fast food, and anything that is still moving.

So next time grab for the low salt green bottle.  If you do not have a list, you better get started or your significant other will do it for you.  Because that list may include avoiding your favorite foods.

Snacks Are Good For Kids As Well As Parents

Okay.  I know what you are thinking.  What a stupid, ignorant thing to say.

I know some snacks are awful but read what I have to say.


I was in my optometrist’s office the other day.  She comes in fretting about her kids saying, “I worry about them.”

I told her, “Kids are pretty resilient.  Let me make a suggestion which goes against all normal thinking.”

Now I have her attention.

“Snacks are a good thing.”

She looks at me funny.

“I know what you are thinking but if you buy good snacks, they will come.  What I mean is your kids will hang around your house and you will get to know their friends.  And if you know their friends, you will know what they are doing.  As opposed to them off with their friends and you not knowing what they are up to.  This makes for good kids.”

“Wow, that makes sense.” she replies.

“And you can buy 100% juice drinks, whole grain chips and carrots with ranch dressing.”

“Thanks.” she replies.

I hope to hear in a few years that it worked out for her.  And maybe she won’t have as many worry lines on her forehead as I do.