#”Groundhog Day” Can Be Exhausting

After all the Photo Shoots, Press Interviews and Meet and Greets.


Oh, yeah.  And putting up with Bill Murray.

Speaking of exhaustion, you probably deserve a rest too.

(Okay, all you animal experts, this is really a squirrel, but you get the idea.)

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Go Nuts!

This isn’t about doing a cart-wheel in your office, though you need to get out of your chair.  This is about the health advantages of eating nuts!

By mnn.com

By mnn.com

A recent study over a long period of time with over 100,000 people and analyzed by habits. shows eating nuts every day decreases health issues by 20%.  Here is the study.


Contrary to myth, nuts do not make you fat as this study confirms.  In fact nuts have a higher protein to sugar level than any snack.  The study was done regardless if the nuts were roasted, dry roasted, salty, unsalted or grown on a tree or in the ground.

Also you want to increase the good fat, lower the bad fat and lower your sugar intake.  Nuts help you achieve that.

The squirrel above looks fat because he is about to hibernate and go without food for 6 months.

So nuts to you!