Go Nuts!

This isn’t about doing a cart-wheel in your office, though you need to get out of your chair.  This is about the health advantages of eating nuts!

By mnn.com

By mnn.com

A recent study over a long period of time with over 100,000 people and analyzed by habits. shows eating nuts every day decreases health issues by 20%.  Here is the study.


Contrary to myth, nuts do not make you fat as this study confirms.  In fact nuts have a higher protein to sugar level than any snack.  The study was done regardless if the nuts were roasted, dry roasted, salty, unsalted or grown on a tree or in the ground.

Also you want to increase the good fat, lower the bad fat and lower your sugar intake.  Nuts help you achieve that.

The squirrel above looks fat because he is about to hibernate and go without food for 6 months.

So nuts to you!

Man Salad – Yes Men Eat Salad

Here is a great recipe for an energy boosting Man Salad.


For lunch each weekday (and sometimes on Saturday) eat a salad. But not just any salad, eat a Man Salad darn it!  Packing as many T-boosting foods as possible into this thing.

  • Spinach/Spring Salad Mix. This is the base of the salad. Use Organic Girl Greens from Whole Foods. Yeah, I know. The base of the Man Salad comes from a company called Organic Girl. Spinach and other leafy green vegetables contain minerals like magnesium and zinc, which have been shown to aid in T production.
  • Meat. Meat, particularly beef, provides our bodies with the protein it needs to create muscle (more muscle = more T) and the fats and cholesterol to make T. Chicken has a little more protein than beef if you prefer.
  • Nuts. Usually a handful of Brazil nuts or walnuts. Nuts are little fat bombs that provide the cholesterol that Leydig cells need for T production. Just don’t go crazy with them. Too much selenium is no bueno.
  • Avocado/Olives. Avocados and olives are a great source of the good fats we need for healthy T production.
  • Broccoli. Every now and then throw some broccoli into the salad. Broccoli contains high levels of indoles, which has been shown to reduce the bad estrogen in our bodies that sap T levels.
  • Olive Oil. Top the Man Salad off with lots of olive oil.  Research suggests that olive oil helps your Leydig cells absorb cholesterol better. Our Leydig cells need cholesterol to make T.  More cholesterol absorption = more testosterone.
  • Balsamic Vinegar. Mostly for taste. It’s also supposed to help keep your insulin in check.

Most of the ingredients for the Man Salad were from Whole Foods. For those curious, all the ingredients were divided by six to make six of these salads in a week. The cost per salad was roughly $5. That’s about the price many folks pay every day for a crappy fast food meal.

Thanks to Brett of http://www.artofmanliness.com for this recipe.


Setting My Watch At Snack Time

I used to go to work and leave my watch at home.


Recently one of our employees named Steve retired.  He was a fairly skinny guy. Boy did he have a busy schedule before he left us.

He had peanuts at 10 AM.  Then potato chips at 1 PM and finally an Ice Cream bar at 3 PM.  This was on top of his lunch at noon. 

He added credence to the idea that you will NOT gain weight if you eat a lot of small meals.


A long time ago I worked on the West Coast Shuttle effort.  A lot of my time was spent in the same building with the Operations Maintenance Documentation (OMD) Group.  I liked to call it the OMG department because at exactly 2 PM one of the large data entry personnel would pop a bag of popcorn.  OMG!  The smell of popcorn would permeate the whole building.

My point is those snack times allowed me to either set my watch at 2 PM every day or just leave my watch at home.  But alas those were the good ole’ days.