#WeBelieveYou When You Say Try Then Buy

Customer satisfaction is of high importance.


What is your favorite caption for this photo?

1.  Mardi gras is just around the corner.

2.  The African maker of this mask might have been a skinny guy.

3.  I wonder if the mask maker hoped his mask would be worth $500,000.

4.  The stick is another $10,000.


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Setting My Watch At Snack Time

I used to go to work and leave my watch at home.


Recently one of our employees named Steve retired.  He was a fairly skinny guy. Boy did he have a busy schedule before he left us.

He had peanuts at 10 AM.  Then potato chips at 1 PM and finally an Ice Cream bar at 3 PM.  This was on top of his lunch at noon. 

He added credence to the idea that you will NOT gain weight if you eat a lot of small meals.


A long time ago I worked on the West Coast Shuttle effort.  A lot of my time was spent in the same building with the Operations Maintenance Documentation (OMD) Group.  I liked to call it the OMG department because at exactly 2 PM one of the large data entry personnel would pop a bag of popcorn.  OMG!  The smell of popcorn would permeate the whole building.

My point is those snack times allowed me to either set my watch at 2 PM every day or just leave my watch at home.  But alas those were the good ole’ days.