#Syria Soon To Be A Country of Five

#Syria is soon to be a country of five. Today over 250 mostly civilians were killed in the city of #Ghouta as President Bashar al-Assad tries to forcefully gain control of Syria.

Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 5.48.31 PM


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  What war?

2.  What game do Syrian children play?  Life

3.  What is the goal in Syria?

4.  Something to think about besides the #Olympics2018.


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Fake #KimJungUn Frees Cheerleaders

As long as they stay in North Korea.


Screenshot 2018-02-14 at 10.51.06 PM

Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  What is “free”?

2.  What game are we watching?

3.  Note to self: Buy something without USA colors.

4.  Should have gone to the mall before going to the #Olympics2018.


Thanks to Reuters.

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First Google Cars Will Be Free

That’s right!  How about a free car?  But how is that possible?


Remember when newspaper websites were free in the beginning?

That is because of all the advertisements.

With the Google Car you will have lots of time to see – ads.  And these ads will be displayed non-stop in the virtual reality space right in front of you.

The good news is this means the end of all those ugly billboards! You know like the 300 foot high ones between Atlanta and Macon, Georgia.

Finally our civilization has moved beyond billboards!

Retirement Plan That Mutual Funds Do Not Want You To See

Social Security is a blessing in disguise.  It is the one thing that Congress does not dare cut.  It is the one benefit millions of Americans count on for retirement. It is a hole in one.


Many people could retire if they withdrew their pensions and 401Ks early and delayed getting Social Security until they are 71.  That is what Mutual Fund Companies don’t want you to know.  That is because Social Security payments can increase 8% a year if you wait.  And withdrawing from 401Ks reduces Mutual Fund Company profits.

But do not take my word on this great secret.  Here is an article from the former President of Boeing Aerospace that agrees with delaying the collection of Social Security benefits until the age of 71.


Here is another one from a USAToday Personal Finance Journalist recommending you use your 401K before Social Security.


Free Ultimate Retirement Spreadsheet

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This valuable yet free spreadsheet even takes into consideration the 50% tax if you earn more than the maximum income Social Security allows. No other calculator does this for you!

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Man Salad – Yes Men Eat Salad

Here is a great recipe for an energy boosting Man Salad.


For lunch each weekday (and sometimes on Saturday) eat a salad. But not just any salad, eat a Man Salad darn it!  Packing as many T-boosting foods as possible into this thing.

  • Spinach/Spring Salad Mix. This is the base of the salad. Use Organic Girl Greens from Whole Foods. Yeah, I know. The base of the Man Salad comes from a company called Organic Girl. Spinach and other leafy green vegetables contain minerals like magnesium and zinc, which have been shown to aid in T production.
  • Meat. Meat, particularly beef, provides our bodies with the protein it needs to create muscle (more muscle = more T) and the fats and cholesterol to make T. Chicken has a little more protein than beef if you prefer.
  • Nuts. Usually a handful of Brazil nuts or walnuts. Nuts are little fat bombs that provide the cholesterol that Leydig cells need for T production. Just don’t go crazy with them. Too much selenium is no bueno.
  • Avocado/Olives. Avocados and olives are a great source of the good fats we need for healthy T production.
  • Broccoli. Every now and then throw some broccoli into the salad. Broccoli contains high levels of indoles, which has been shown to reduce the bad estrogen in our bodies that sap T levels.
  • Olive Oil. Top the Man Salad off with lots of olive oil.  Research suggests that olive oil helps your Leydig cells absorb cholesterol better. Our Leydig cells need cholesterol to make T.  More cholesterol absorption = more testosterone.
  • Balsamic Vinegar. Mostly for taste. It’s also supposed to help keep your insulin in check.

Most of the ingredients for the Man Salad were from Whole Foods. For those curious, all the ingredients were divided by six to make six of these salads in a week. The cost per salad was roughly $5. That’s about the price many folks pay every day for a crappy fast food meal.

Thanks to Brett of http://www.artofmanliness.com for this recipe.


Mustache Saves The Day

Does this scene look familiar?

( thanks to thecarconnection.com )

Well this happened to me this past weekend when my wife and I were on a California  freeway and I crossed the double yellow line to get into the carpool lane.

As many Californians know, there is a carpool entrance and exit every couple of miles.  It would be “too normal” to have one before each freeway exit and another one after each on-ramp.  In other words there are a lot fewer than is logically necessary.

The officer told me why I was pulled over.  He asked me where I was going.  I told him we were visiting my son and we didn’t drive this freeway very often.  I then added that I thought there were way too few carpool lane entrances.  He replied that he gets that all the time. After I gave him my registration and insurance card, he asked if my record was clean.  I replied, “Yes.”  Then he went to his car to confirm my record.

When he returned, he asked me an unusual question, “Are you a former fireman or policeman?”  I replied, “No.”  He then proceeded to let me off with a warning instead of the $389 traffic fine.

When we pulled away, I realized he thought I was a former fireman or policeman because of my mustache!

The moral of the story: the mustache saved the day!  Or maybe it was cause my wife winked at him.

( thanks to clker.com )

A Spring In My Step

In Memory of Martin Luther King Jr

an excerpt from “The Assassination of Political Robocalls

Reverend Jessie Lewis

Washington DC April 20, 2012

I am happy to be here today because I am here to tell you I have a spring in my step. Yes there is a spring in my step. Not an ordinary spring in my step. No. This is not like the spring in a young man’s step when he hits his first home run. Nor is it like the spring in the step of a young woman when she receives her college diploma.

I am talking about the spring in my step for freedom. Yes, freedom.

When a pebble is tossed into a pond, the ripples reverberate to every corner of the pond. Just like the ripples in the pond, people everywhere in every corner of the world have heard the news of the Arab Spring. People are raising their voices for freedom. And they are being heard.

That news has put a spring in my step.

The freedom I am talking about is democracy; a democracy where government is for the people and by the people. That is what America’s founders envisioned for us. Not a government for a dictator or for the corporations. Thomas Jefferson warned “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” The courts have ruled that money is the same as free speech. But many people disagree.

Ever since the Arab Spring, I and others have had a spring in our step.

The bible teaches us “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul?” Lately too few people have gained a majority of the world’s wealth. These same people have been only thinking of themselves. They have lost their souls. Meanwhile the poor have gotten poorer.

But I have a spring in my step.

People have overthrown treacherous dictators in faraway lands. Occupy Wall Street protestors have raised their voices against greed and excess money for campaigns right here in our country. People are marching in their state capitols demanding a constitutional convention.

That is why I have a spring in my step.

Let there be a spring in the step of those from Seattle to Miami.

Let there be a spring in the step of those from Bismark, North Dakota to Brownsville, Texas.

And especially let there be a spring in the step of those in state capitols and Washington DC.

I have a spring in my step. I hope you do too.

Which Wiener is the Winner?

A recent dachshund race in San Diego illustrates why dogs should not have windows.


As the red arrow points out, the race has started but one dog is busy looking out its back window. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/life-video/video-dachshunds-race-for-top-dog-title/article13597261/

Here is another example.


Yep those are dogs slobbering out an RV window.

In conclusion, these photos illustrate why dogs should NOT have windows.

Regarding which wiener is the winner, it unfortunately is not the dog above the red arrow.

It Is Here And It Is Free

The wait is finally over for our family and friends!.  No it is not the iPhone 6!

brian_promoBelow you can read for free the beginning of my fictional novella entitled “The Assassination of Political Robocalls.”

This futuristic murder mystery features several plot twists.


The year is 2034 and people are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The Amendment.  Suddenly the President is shot.

Click the following link to read a FREE copy of the beginning of this fascinating book. the_assassination_of_political_robocalls_20130612_chap1


This must-read book features over 25 predictions for the future. How many will you find and how many will come true?


To learn more about this exciting book and to get a complete copy, go to the following website.



Obama Says, “Here Is Lame Duck All Will Appreciate”

He is talking about the large inflated rubber duck floating in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

The concept is from Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.  The duck is taller than Obama towering 16.5 meters high.  Soon teenagers will be attempting to climb to the top of the duck which will result in the biggest belly flops seen since the “Splash” show premiered.