Baby Yoda Says, “The Path to the Dark Side, Fear Is.”


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#Dogs Have All The Fun

It’s a dogs life.


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  Where are we going?

2.  Is that the beach?  I hate hot sand.

3.  Will there be a hot dog stand?

4.  I should have brought my other swim suit.


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Jimmy’s Snow Day

Does your dog follow you everywhere?  Here is what this one might say.




Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  Did you know that plastic shovels have a 3 month lifespan?

2.  Did you know that you look like Jimmy Fallon from the back too?

3.  Brrr.  Can we go inside now?

4.  Do you realize your car is under that?

5.  I feel like an Irish Setter.  Let’s go warm up with some Irish Coffee.


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Hank Paulson Caption Contest

According to Hank Paulson, former Treasury Secretary, who helped save the big banks, there is a big difference between 2007 and now.



Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  What inequality gap?  It has only grown by THIS MUCH!  Ha. Ha. Ha.

2. The Federal Reserve has kept interest rates at .025 for THIS LONG and credit card companies are still charging 24%.  Hee. Hee. Hee.

3. Thanks to my HUGE circle of friends, Goldman has 4 of the 5 regional Fed presidents voting in 2017.  Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

4. The big banks have only gotten THIS MUCH BIGGER.  Ya ha ha.

5. My dachshund has grown and is this LONG now.  Ho. Ho. Ho.

Ok.  Maybe this isn’t so funny.

Bad Hair Day

Ever have one of those days?



Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  I’m stylin’. I’m stylin’.

2. I hate when it rains right after a perm.

3. Beach fever. Beach fever. We know how to do it.

4. Let’s see the Shaggy Dog do this.


Feeling The Wind In My Ears

While the East Coast is having lots of snow, the West Coast is having lots of wind.


If this dog’s ears were any bigger, it would be in the next county.

Thanks to our friend, Ann, for sharing.

Is this a good day for kite flying or would it collapse like a broken umbrella?



Which Wiener is the Winner?

A recent dachshund race in San Diego illustrates why dogs should not have windows.


As the red arrow points out, the race has started but one dog is busy looking out its back window.

Here is another example.


Yep those are dogs slobbering out an RV window.

In conclusion, these photos illustrate why dogs should NOT have windows.

Regarding which wiener is the winner, it unfortunately is not the dog above the red arrow.

New Monopoly Piece Is The Cat’s Meow And Cat’s Pajamas At Same Time

Talk about your day of reckoning.  All the Cat-loving Dog-hating people have finally got their way.  [Okay.  I am sure there are a few Cat-loving Dog-loving people out there.  Will you please stand up?]  


Since the game of Monopoly was first sold over a hundred years ago, there has been a Dog albeit a Scottish Terrier.  But there has never been a Cat – until today.

A Monopoly contest was held this past month and a new piece was chosen.

Cat-lovers are ecstatic. 

Some protagonists can hardly wait for the day when the Cat and the Dog end up on the same Monopoly board square.

But the same contest chose a loser.  Yes the much maligned and hardly used Iron piece was chosen for the dumpster.  Nobody liked ironing anyways.