Do Anything to Get Out of Snow

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#Russians Admit US #Bulldozers Are Best

When you don’t know which bulldozer is the best.



Select your favorite subtitle for this Russian press release photo.

1.  Russians trapped in Kremlin due to snow.

2.  I hate Snow Days.

3.  Putin note to self: Buy more US bulldozers.

4.  Should have gone to the #Olympics2018.


Thanks to Vasily Maximov, AFP/Getty.

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Solitude of #Winter

Peace.  Tranquility.  Crisp cold air.



This is what this young girl might be thinking.

1.  Thanks for the snow.

2.  This will produce a lot of water which we need.

3.  Thanks for the incredible view.

4.  How did this bench get way up here?


If you are feeling #lonely, please call someone, anyone.

The National Lifeline number is (800) 273-8255.

Jimmy’s Snow Day

Does your dog follow you everywhere?  Here is what this one might say.




Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  Did you know that plastic shovels have a 3 month lifespan?

2.  Did you know that you look like Jimmy Fallon from the back too?

3.  Brrr.  Can we go inside now?

4.  Do you realize your car is under that?

5.  I feel like an Irish Setter.  Let’s go warm up with some Irish Coffee.


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Lonely Tree Speaks Its Mind

Ever feel lonely like the tree below?


This is what the tree might say if it could talk.

1.  Hello?  Anybody there?

2. I really do not need to be tied down.  I am not going any where.

3. Seriously?  You put me here for what reason?

4. I would rather be in a warm shopping mall with noisy people.


If you are feeling lonely, please call someone, anyone.