Do Anything to Get Out of Snow

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Climate Change Your House


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What the above house is doing to minimize the affect of Climate Change and what you can do.

  • Plant a tree on the west side of the house in front of windows. Make sure that the tree is not bigger than the house and loses its leaves in the winter.
  • Install awnings over windows that block sun in the summer and allow sun in during the winter.
  • Install weatherstripping around doors and windows to stop leaks of weather into the house during summer and winter.

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Solitude of #Winter

Peace.  Tranquility.  Crisp cold air.



This is what this young girl might be thinking.

1.  Thanks for the snow.

2.  This will produce a lot of water which we need.

3.  Thanks for the incredible view.

4.  How did this bench get way up here?


If you are feeling #lonely, please call someone, anyone.

The National Lifeline number is (800) 273-8255.