What Do #Robots and #Camels Share?

When you just gotta compete in a race, the Kuwait’s Annual International Camel Race.



Select your favorite question.

1.  How do they know where the finish line is?

2.  Does the robot or camel get the trophy?

3.  Does John Mueller have one of these yet?

4.  Did the photographer survive the stampede?

You won’t see this at the #Olympics2018.


Thanks to Noufal Ibrahim of EPA-EFE.

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Thumping Pumpkin Race

Who thought thumping (huge) pumpkins could float?



Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  My legs!  My legs!

2.  I won because I snacked on the inside.

3.  Do you smell butternut squash soup?

4.  Boy, this swimsuit will never be the same.

5.  Now to go celebrate with a Pumpkin Ale and a piece of Pumpkin Pie!  Not necessarily at the same time.


Bears Gone Wild

This bear thinks he can catch the cyclist.  What do you think?


Pick your favorite caption from the following choices.

1. How can that guy wear shorts in this weather?

2. Hey you. Am I in time for the triathlon?

3. I should have waited to have my fish dinner.

4. Did that guy smell like Honey Boo Boo?

Let me know your favorite.  Have a great day.


Which Wiener is the Winner?

A recent dachshund race in San Diego illustrates why dogs should not have windows.


As the red arrow points out, the race has started but one dog is busy looking out its back window. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/life-video/video-dachshunds-race-for-top-dog-title/article13597261/

Here is another example.


Yep those are dogs slobbering out an RV window.

In conclusion, these photos illustrate why dogs should NOT have windows.

Regarding which wiener is the winner, it unfortunately is not the dog above the red arrow.