Bears Gone Wild

This bear thinks he can catch the cyclist.  What do you think?


Pick your favorite caption from the following choices.

1. How can that guy wear shorts in this weather?

2. Hey you. Am I in time for the triathlon?

3. I should have waited to have my fish dinner.

4. Did that guy smell like Honey Boo Boo?

Let me know your favorite.  Have a great day.


Muppets Gone Wild

“Will someone get these Muppets out of my face!”


Sorry but those are Sock Puppets.  Manuela Carmena, the new Mayor of Madrid Spain, just insulted Muppets everywhere.

Sock Puppets have been multiplying like crazy but continue to be confused with their comedy rivals, the Muppets.

One indignant Muppet, Bald Eagle, in an attempt to encourage competition was recently quoted as saying, “Sock it to me.”