Retirement Plan That Mutual Funds Do Not Want You To See

Social Security is a blessing in disguise.  It is the one thing that Congress does not dare cut.  It is the one benefit millions of Americans count on for retirement. It is a hole in one.


Many people could retire if they withdrew their pensions and 401Ks early and delayed getting Social Security until they are 71.  That is what Mutual Fund Companies don’t want you to know.  That is because Social Security payments can increase 8% a year if you wait.  And withdrawing from 401Ks reduces Mutual Fund Company profits.

But do not take my word on this great secret.  Here is an article from the former President of Boeing Aerospace that agrees with delaying the collection of Social Security benefits until the age of 71.

Here is another one from a USAToday Personal Finance Journalist recommending you use your 401K before Social Security.

Free Ultimate Retirement Spreadsheet

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This valuable yet free spreadsheet even takes into consideration the 50% tax if you earn more than the maximum income Social Security allows. No other calculator does this for you!

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