Disney World Ticket Sales Skyrocket

Ever have one of those days? You know when EVERYONE goes to Disney World?


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  How fast does this monorail go?

2.  More importantly, how quickly does it stop?

3.  I wish this monorail had cup holders.

4.  Note to self: Next time bring suction cups.

5.  Note to self #2: Bring extra suction cups to sell.

6.  Are we there yet?


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Mustache Saves The Day

Does this scene look familiar?

( thanks to thecarconnection.com )

Well this happened to me this past weekend when my wife and I were on a California  freeway and I crossed the double yellow line to get into the carpool lane.

As many Californians know, there is a carpool entrance and exit every couple of miles.  It would be “too normal” to have one before each freeway exit and another one after each on-ramp.  In other words there are a lot fewer than is logically necessary.

The officer told me why I was pulled over.  He asked me where I was going.  I told him we were visiting my son and we didn’t drive this freeway very often.  I then added that I thought there were way too few carpool lane entrances.  He replied that he gets that all the time. After I gave him my registration and insurance card, he asked if my record was clean.  I replied, “Yes.”  Then he went to his car to confirm my record.

When he returned, he asked me an unusual question, “Are you a former fireman or policeman?”  I replied, “No.”  He then proceeded to let me off with a warning instead of the $389 traffic fine.

When we pulled away, I realized he thought I was a former fireman or policeman because of my mustache!

The moral of the story: the mustache saved the day!  Or maybe it was cause my wife winked at him.

( thanks to clker.com )