Boehner Offers Peace Pipe

Shoot!  That isn’t a peace pipe.   Now we will have to start negotiating all over again.



So much for diplomacy.  Must be time for Obama to step up to the plate.


Three Envelopes

Stop me if you have heard this.

A newly hired manager moves into his new office and meets his predecessor on his last day.  The predecessor tells the new manager there are three envelopes in the drawer and he is to use one each time a crisis occurs.


Well several months pass before a crisis happens.  The manager goes to the drawer and gets the first envelope.  He opens it.  It says :”Blame the predecessor.” He does that and the crisis passes.

Several more months pass before another crisis happens.  The manager again goes to the drawer and gets the second envelope.  This time it says :Reorganize”.  So he does that and the crisis subsides.

Again several more months pass and a third crisis happens.  This time the manager goes to the drawer and knowing this is the last envelope, he hopes it contains the final solution he needs.

He opens the drawer and opens the last envelope.  The contents say “Create three envelopes”.