What Is The Really Big Problem Facing The US?

Is it Big Banks or Big Government?


Can you decide?

Can you do anything about either?

Yes you can.

You can vote for a constitutional amendment to reestablish campaign financing limits.  No one should be able to buy Congressional votes.  Then we will have our democracy back.

Then we the People, not the Rich, can control the size of Government and the size of Banks.

Don’t you want control?  Sure you do.

PS  Citigroup just moved its headquarters into the Capitol building with offices next to Congress.  Thus the drawing above is more accurate than we thought.  Oops.

1 State To End Citizens United

There are 2 scenarios to end Citizens United.  Both require only 1 state.

The Move To Amend version of a Constitutional Amendment has been passed in 16 states and could reach 34 in 2 years.  https://movetoamend.org/wethepeopleamendment

But rather than wait 2 years, we can shorten the process using the vagueness in Article V of the Constitution.  We have two opportunities and should press for both to increase our chances of success.

1. Rescissions not mentioned in Article V

Wikipedia says 33 out of 34 required states have asked for a Convention for a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA), if you ignore the rescissions.    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balanced_budget_amendment

That is just one state short of asking for a convention.  Article V does not mention rescissions.  Meanwhile the constitution does NOT limit topics at a convention.  So a BBA called convention could discuss Citizens United!

2. Topic limits not mentioned in Article V

Unfortunately some states rescinded the BBA vote leaving 20 states. As mentioned above,16 states have passed bills for an amendment to Overturn Citizens United (OCU).  See chart below.  When you eliminate overlap, the number of states that voted for a Constitution Convention currently totals 33 out of a required 34.  One state short of asking for a convention. Again the constitution does NOT limit topics at a convention.



Obviously we need just one more state as seen in red such as Washington or Minnesota to ask for a Constitutional Convention for either a Balanced Budget Amendment or a Overturn Citizens United amendment.  Do you have contacts in Washington or Minnesota to push for having a convention?

Then it is off to the Supreme Court to make the Constitutional Convention a reality.

Whoo!  Hoo!

Overturn Citizens United

We need only 1 more state legislature to ask for a Balanced Budget Amendment and then a Constitutional Convention will be held to overturn Citizens United AND pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.  That is because the Constitution DOES NOT LIMIT the topics at a Constitutional Convention.

Citizens United said that Corporations are people and that money is free speech.

That isn’t what our Founding Fathers intended.

See the following wikipedia website:
go to the History section and read the last paragraph which says the following:

Article V of the Constitution specifies that if the legislatures of two-thirds of the states petition Congress for a constitutional amendment, then Congress must call a convention for proposing amendments. Between May 8, 1957 (Indiana), and July 21, 1983 (Missouri), applications from 32 different state legislatures, were submitted to Congress on the subject of a Balanced Budget Amendment.  On October 30, 2013, the Ohio Senate adopted Senate Joint Resolution No. 5; making Ohio the 33rd state.

If one additional state legislature were to petition, then the required two-thirds majority of states would be reached (34 out of 50 states) and some contend that Congress would be required to call a convention to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment.

A constitutional convention could overturn Citizens United  WITHOUT CONGRESS!  Please talk to your state legislators!

Love or Hate “The Liberty Amendments”

There is no middle ground.


If you LOVE Mark Levin’s book, you will HATE the book, “The Assassination of Political Robocalls”.

If you HATE Mark Levin’s book, you will LOVE the book, “The Assassination of Political Robocalls”.

Check it out for yourself.


Occupy This – Stop Robocalls


The other day I gave an impromptu speech at my Toastmasters club.  I started out by asking how many people knew about Citizen’s United.  One hand was raised.

Then I asked how many people knew about robocalls.  Nearly every hand was raised.

That summarizes how limited the marketing campaign is for reversing Citizen’s United and approving a 28th Constitutional Amendment to do so.  People just don’t have the time to understand the ramifications of the Supreme Court ruling in the Citizen’s United case.

We have a better chance of passing a 28th Amendment and make change if we concentrate on something most people hate.  Yes you got it – robocalls.

Henceforth, we need to call the 28th Constitutional Amendment the Political Robocall Amendment.


I learned the other day that England actually allows their political campaigns to last only one month.  What a concept.  But I am setting my sites on larger fish than a one month time limit.

I am targeting the Super PACs, and the out of control campaign spending by the rich .003 percent of the population, and the enormous amounts of political television ads and of course the ginormous numbers of robocalls by politicians. I have had enough and I am not going to take it any more.

There are plenty of people and cities that feel the same way.  There are hundreds of websites supporting a 28th Constitutional Amendment.  I agree with them because it is the only way to reverse Citizen’s United. But there are at least 20 proposed versions.   Most concentrate on the following two issues:

1. corporations are not people or citizens

2. money is not free speech.

We need to get down to one version.  The MoveToAmend.org version appears to have the most support.  It is rather simple as most approved amendments tend to be.  But I have several concerns.

One concern is the need to define citizens as individuals and restrict ONLY corporations.  Instead we need to restrict ALL groups of people, whether they are corporations, for-profits, non-profits, unions etc.  If we restrict one group, money will flow to others.

Another concern is saying money is not free speech.  This is like trying to train your dog to not poop on the carpet by trying to train it to not poop at all.  In other words, we will have more success if we limit campaign spending to individuals and a certain amount rather than trying to eliminate money as free speech.

Likewise, I hate to say it, but we will never get rid of all robocalls, but we can limit them.


Here is my attempt at an amendment which indirectly eliminates Super PACs and greatly reduces robocalls.

1. Each citizen is a person as defined in the Constitution with human rights and these rights are not granted to artificial groups of people.

2. Campaign contributions shall be allowed only by citizens and the amount per citizen per election shall be determined by Congress.

Here is a book about this very subject.


Also please support MoveToAmend.org to greatly reduce robocalls.