Overturn Citizens United

We need only 1 more state legislature to ask for a Balanced Budget Amendment and then a Constitutional Convention will be held to overturn Citizens United AND pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.  That is because the Constitution DOES NOT LIMIT the topics at a Constitutional Convention.

Citizens United said that Corporations are people and that money is free speech.

That isn’t what our Founding Fathers intended.

See the following wikipedia website:
go to the History section and read the last paragraph which says the following:

Article V of the Constitution specifies that if the legislatures of two-thirds of the states petition Congress for a constitutional amendment, then Congress must call a convention for proposing amendments. Between May 8, 1957 (Indiana), and July 21, 1983 (Missouri), applications from 32 different state legislatures, were submitted to Congress on the subject of a Balanced Budget Amendment.  On October 30, 2013, the Ohio Senate adopted Senate Joint Resolution No. 5; making Ohio the 33rd state.

If one additional state legislature were to petition, then the required two-thirds majority of states would be reached (34 out of 50 states) and some contend that Congress would be required to call a convention to propose a Balanced Budget Amendment.

A constitutional convention could overturn Citizens United  WITHOUT CONGRESS!  Please talk to your state legislators!

5 thoughts on “Overturn Citizens United

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    • I agree Congress is a joke. A Constitutional Convention can get the job done. That is why we need two state legislatures to ask for A Balanced Budget Amendment. The Constitution DOES NOT LIMIT THE TOPICS at a Constitutional Convention!


  3. Check out ArticleV.org. They believe the requisite number of state legislatures has long been surpassed and that Congress is ignoring the states and willfully denying its responsibility under Article V. The problem is that there is no clear mechanism for compelling Congress to act in the Constitution.

    Our perspective at AmendmentGazette.com is that a convention in the current climate is likely to be dominated by corporate interests and failure to ratify anything that emerges from a convention would set back the movement to abolish corporate civil rights and money as speech.


    • It is good to hear that ArticleV.org thinks we passed the threshold. Now we can file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court.

      I disagree with AmendmentGazette.com. I participated with the 99 % declaration July 3-4 2012 Constitutional Convention.
      The event was a big success though we had a lot of disagreement. It would have been better if the leaders had organized the proceedings more in advance. They failed to stick with the original plan to narrow down the issues.


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