#MillionDollarTrolls Like #VR

When you just gotta see virtually everything.


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  Hold on tight. The next step could be a doozy.

2.  VR does NOT stand for Voodoo Reality.

3.  You kind of look like a Million Dollar Roger Rabbit.

4.  And to think you could have stayed home and trolled for cartoons all day.


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What Is The Really Big Problem Facing The US?

Is it Big Banks or Big Government?


Can you decide?

Can you do anything about either?

Yes you can.

You can vote for a constitutional amendment to reestablish campaign financing limits.  No one should be able to buy Congressional votes.  Then we will have our democracy back.

Then we the People, not the Rich, can control the size of Government and the size of Banks.

Don’t you want control?  Sure you do.

PS  Citigroup just moved its headquarters into the Capitol building with offices next to Congress.  Thus the drawing above is more accurate than we thought.  Oops.

Asperger’s Character is Ticked Off

Just when the little guy was getting some respect and understanding.


The Pentagon announced that a 2008 study found Russian President Vladimir Putin has Asperger’s syndrome.


Of all the people at this point in history to be found to have Asperger’s syndrome, this just takes the cake.

Poor little guy will have to go home and muster up more courage and respect.

Thanks to Matt Friedman and his book “Dude, I’m An Aspie!”.  For more on Matt see



Google Gadget Goes Gilligan

I have entered the USA Today Caption Contest many times but forgot to post my June one.


Sound familiar?  The words follow the Gilligan’s Island theme song.

Thanks to Mike Smith, Las Vegas Sun, King Features for the artwork.


Caption Contest – Taxes – April

Here is my entry to the USA Today Caption Contest featuring art work by Mike Smith.


Yes, I know it is about time that I added a humorous post.

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