Does Sybase support string types that it doesn’t right trim?



For char columns to be fixed length, you must use the not null attribute.

For variable length columns, use varchar or char with a null attribute.

Then to measure the real data size including trailing spaces use the datalength function not the len function nor the charlength function.

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Sybase Functionality


Does anybody know if Common Table Expressions and User-defined functions (not from Java) are supported in Sybase?


Microsoft SQL Server is based on Sybase 7.0. Sybase may not have Common Table Expressions (CTE) and User-Defined Functions, but there are equivalent ways to do the same thing.

For example CTE can be done either in nested queries or via temp tables using a number sign (#) in front of the table name.

For User Defined Functions, create a stored procedure with simple SQL code and call it via the exec function for example “exec my_sql_code”. This allows nesting of stored procedures.

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