What If Russia Was Kicked Out of the Olympics?

Would Putin change course on Ukraine?

putin olympicsAt what point does the World consider evicting a rogue country?

Would the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) have to make the request to the International Olympic Committee before the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio?

Or could the IAAF kick Russia out of the 2015 IAAF World Championships in Beijing?

In December 2013, the IOC considered expelling India from the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

In recent years, the IOC suspended the national Olympic bodies of Kuwait, Ghana and Panama for political interference, but all were eventually reinstated.

In 1970, the IOC formally expelled South Africa from the Olympics. The country returned to the fold at the 1992 Barcelona Games.

Lots of questions.  Few answers.


Opt Out Of Credit Card Offers

Have you received your daily dose of credit card offers in the mail?

Here is a report on how the credit card bureaus use your information to make money.  http://www.marketwatch.com/story/10-things-credit-bureaus-wont-say-2013-02-15?pagenumber=2

You can “opt out” of credit card offers. Call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT!   For more information visit http://www.clarkhoward.com/news/clark-howard/personal-finance-credit/opt-out-credit-cards/nFb5/



There is a national Do Not Call registry to “opt out” of phone solicitations.  https://www.donotcall.gov/

Are you sick of political robocalls?  Even if you “opt out” of phone solicitations, political robocalls are exempt from this law.


Everyone needs to write to their Congressional representatives and ask them to

o  Add political robocalls to the Do Not Call national registry.