Things I Will Carry – Things I Will Not Post

People are fascinated with what other people think is important.  Take for instance how to travel light or what to keep on a deserted island.

While updating my profile the other day, I received a message about a blog post titled “Things I Will Carry”.  I was curious to see what that person considered the most valuable items to carry.

Well soon as I read it, another message showed up about things another person will carry.

Then another and another.

So I Googled it and found 773,000 websites with things I will carry.  Now that is a lot of things.  Who could possibly carry them all?

What was really odd was people said they would carry their fetish or their geekiness.

Say what?

I will defend any geek and accept most fetishes, but to tout them on a blog is over the top.

I will stick to my blogs about death, zombies and President Obama.  Did I actually put all of those in the same sentence?  Awesome!

P.S. Being an engineer, I have to confess, I will always carry a pen to write with.  But no pocket protector for me.

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