Zombies in Congress

I recently came to the realization that our US Congress is as effective as a group of zombies.  Then a thought hit me like a bolt of lighting on a normally clear day with zombies all around.  Some of the Congressional members MUST BE ZOMBIES!

Could one or all of the following Congressmen be zombies?  Each said something similar to this, “Failure to raise the debt ceiling is NOT a problem.”   Only a brainless shell of a human being would say such a thing.

Here are some special radial isotope photos that show these Congressmen have no hearts!


Even John Boehner is worried.


So everyone needs to be careful out there and question what any Congressional member says.  Any one of them could be a zombie that grunts mindless chatter.

Zombie Homes

RealtyTrac has just released data saying there are 770,000 zombie homes across the US.  That is a lot of zombies!  We have a bigger problem than I thought.  How do we get rid of all these zombies?


Above is a typical zombie home.  There could be one in your neighborhood!

Wait!  I have just been told by my significant other that  a zombie house is a foreclosed house.

Never mind.  zombie

Things I Will Carry – Things I Will Not Post

People are fascinated with what other people think is important.  Take for instance how to travel light or what to keep on a deserted island.


While updating my LinkedIn.com profile the other day, I received a message about a blog post titled “Things I Will Carry”.  I was curious to see what that person considered the most valuable items to carry.

Well soon as I read it, another message showed up about things another person will carry.

Then another and another.

So I Googled it and found 773,000 websites with things I will carry.  Now that is a lot of things.  Who could possibly carry them all?

What was really odd was people said they would carry their fetish or their geekiness.

Say what?

I will defend any geek and accept most fetishes, but to tout them on a blog is over the top.

I will stick to my blogs about death, zombies and President Obama.  Did I actually put all of those in the same sentence?  Awesome!

P.S. Being an engineer, I have to confess, I will always carry a pen to write with.  But no pocket protector for me.