Zombie Dogs or Resolutions

My dogs gave me an ultimatum and would not leave me alone.


Either I grant their resolutions or they will summon Zombie Dogs.

Here are my dogs’ resolutions for me.

dog resolutions

What should I do?



Zombies in Congress

I recently came to the realization that our US Congress is as effective as a group of zombies.  Then a thought hit me like a bolt of lighting on a normally clear day with zombies all around.  Some of the Congressional members MUST BE ZOMBIES!

Could one or all of the following Congressmen be zombies?  Each said something similar to this, “Failure to raise the debt ceiling is NOT a problem.”   Only a brainless shell of a human being would say such a thing.

Here are some special radial isotope photos that show these Congressmen have no hearts!


Even John Boehner is worried.


So everyone needs to be careful out there and question what any Congressional member says.  Any one of them could be a zombie that grunts mindless chatter.

Twinkies Are The Ultimate Zombie

They’re ba-ack!


Production of Twinkies will resume July 2013.  Yippee!

They didn’t really have to come back to life so soon.  The last batch of 2012 Twinkies has a shelf life of 20 years.

Why Are We Possessed With Zombies and The Dead?

The IMDb database for movies and television shows has 840 shows just for zombies and 6779 shows involving death.


“HELP!  I can’t watch all those shows by myself!”

Could anyone but Leonard Maltin possibly watch all of them?

Even angels appear in only 357 shows and a fairy in only 140.  I am paraphrasing but Woody Allen said the only constant was death and taxes. Despite that taxes are only found in 151 shows. 

Looks like nobody got over the excitement, fear, and anxiousness of mysterious creatures under our beds and in our closets when we were kids.  Mercer Mayer and his children’s books involving the little Monsters made Monsters seem fun.

Now we can’t get enough of them.

My all time favorite show is Zombieland with Woody Harrelson. That is the one with a zillion Twinkies.


The thought of Zombies after every Twinkie purchase is probably what killed Hostess.

May every Twinkie and Zombie die or live in peace.