Bluebirds of Happiness

Don’t these birds look happy?  Here are some possible captions to make you happy.


Which caption is your favorite?

1. Who called this meeting?

2. Hey where are Mark and Mary?  Those darn lovebirds.

3. Next time could we meet on a phone line?  I am getting dizzy.

4. Anybody seen the neighborhood cat?

5. Weren’t we supposed to be in Texas about now?


3 thoughts on “Bluebirds of Happiness

  1. 6. Does anyone else feel like a Frida Kahlo painting?

    7. Frank, are you sure you heard Lady Gaga walks her dog here?

    8. So, what’s the vote, guys? Crap on the Lexus to the left or crap on the BMW on the right?

    9. Did anybody remember the beer? Frank?

    10. OK, guys, so what did we decide? Upping our game to hitting on the Blue Jay chicks in City Park this year, yes or no?


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