Bluebirds of Happiness

Don’t these birds look happy?  Here are some possible captions to make you happy.


Which caption is your favorite?

1. Who called this meeting?

2. Hey where are Mark and Mary?  Those darn lovebirds.

3. Next time could we meet on a phone line?  I am getting dizzy.

4. Anybody seen the neighborhood cat?

5. Weren’t we supposed to be in Texas about now?


Cute Chicks

Hey I am talking about these cute baby owls.  Pick your favorite caption.


1. H’owl you doin’?

2. That new hair dryer works really well.

3. I feel incomplete.  Are you sure you can’t find the hair spray?

4. Here comes that pesky dog. Let’s pretend to be soft pine cones again.

5. Ah, who gives a hoot?

Have a nice day.

Why Dinosaurs Are Extinct


For centuries, humans have wondered why dinosaurs were extinct.

In the last century scientists correlated the date a meteor collided with Earth with the approximate date the extinction occurred.  They theorized that the Earth was covered with a thick dense cloud.

In the last several decades, archeologists have found evidence that the dinosaurs are actually descendants of birds.

I have a different theory that explains why dinosaurs are extinct.  Dinosaurs tasted like chicken.