I Love MOCA – Massive Online Class Accreditation

I love the chocolate flavor, the rich whipped cream and in some cases the kick from the coffee.  But wait…


This post is about another MOCA – Massive Online Class Accreditation.




Massive Open Online Classes (MOOCs) are not going to be fully accepted until they are accredited.





MOOCs have so many advantages including 1. taking pressure off trying to have fewer students per teacher, 2. allowing slower students to take the class at their own pace or repeat it, 3. improving the quality of education by using the best motivational teachers and 4. the number one reason – reduce costs.

Costs are reduced because you need fewer resources including brick and mortar and fewer teachers.  Now I know this really upsets the teacher unions but the long-term goal is to improve education and put the United States back on top of the world in terms of quality of education.

The good news is accreditation has already started at several colleges as seen at this website – http://chronicle.com/article/MOOCs-Take-a-Major-Step/135750/

Why Education Needs To Change

This is just one reason why education must change.

We need to seriously look at how to improve education in the United States in order to offer a World Class education.  Here are some futuristic ideas.

1.  Decide to concentrate on quality not quantity.  Instead of smaller class sizes which means more teachers, let’s concentrate on better teachers.

2.  Collect and catalog all the best videos of teachers.  We need to focus on the best of the best videos and teachers that motivate.

3.  Allow vouchers to be used.  Parents will pick the best schools which will encourage all schools to get better via supply and demand.

4.  Meet in classes for group or team projects as well as testing.  Students will want to socialize and test scores can be verified.

5.  Encourage service for student grants.  Do military or community service in exchange for student grants or loans.

Let’s make some positive change.  Here is more information.