#FCC to fine #BreitbartNews for #FakeNews

70% of the Trump’s statements on the campaign trail were false aka “fake news”.

Trump’s favorite source of media news was Breitbart.

Therefore Breitbart is the leading source of “Fake news”.

The FCC can fine media for “fake news” as done here.

Therefore, Breitbart should be fined.

#Daughters Deemed Disorganized Deserve Discussion

Do you have a daughter whose bedroom floor is a mine field?


Well, you are not alone.

My wife and I were fed up with stepping on toys and papers in our daughter’s bedroom.  We stood over her while she cleaned it up.

But a week or so later, we found her room in the same condition.  This time we warned our daughter that we were serious and the next time we would confiscate everything that we found on the floor.

Her behavior did not change.

So the third time came and my wife and I scooped up everything into a big box and put it in the master bedroom.

Our daughter let out the loudest and longest cry.  It was the biggest fake cry I have ever heard, even to this day.

For fear of losing all her stuff, she begged us to give it back.  She made a long list of promises.

A day later I walked her to her room and whispered that if she just pushed her things under the bed or into the closet, so they were out of sight, we would not have a problem.

When our daughter once again promised to keep her room clean, we gave her back the box of her belongings.  From that day forward, her room looked a lot better.  There was stuff under the bed and in the closet, but we could walk around the room without stepping on anything.

Everyone lived happily ever after.

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Koch Brothers Spent Millions To Prove Moon Hoax

The Koch brothers are determined to reduce Government waste including NASA.


How did they do it?  By spending millions to interview current and former NASA employees and officials.  They sent teams of paid employees to search all of NASA facilities especially the Johnson Space Center where stages were supposedly set up to test space suits and moon equipment.

On the grounds of the Johnson Space Center, two stages were found to house thousands of dollars of video and sound equipment and several scenes like those recorded during moon landings.  They even found a stiff American flag.

A box of video outtakes was found which had very good quality sound and video.  This proves that the quality was intentionally made worse to simulate the long distance the video would have to travel.

Xylophones wrapped in aluminum were found which purportedly were used to provide feedback and muffled sounds to make the recordings seem distant like.  All of this has come to light thanks to the Koch brothers and their vast wealth.  Now the Koch Brothers intend to use it to discredit NASA and eliminate it once and for all.  HOAX indeed.