#BrainstormE – Got Engine?

When you get the feeling that you forgot something but cannot remember what it is.


You just pored your heart and soul into a new, awesome technological thing like a futuristic automobile.  You slaved day and night and sometimes weekends to get it right.

Then it hits you.

Crap!  We forgot the engine!!!

Do we do electric, gas or hybrid?

Do we even have room for an engine?

This could get exciting.


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In A New York Minute, #GlennFrey Was Gone

Everything can change and it hits hard when it involves someone you care about.


Life is precious, so try to do these few things.

1.  Forgive someone.

2.  Help an elderly person in need.

3.  Contact someone you almost forgot about.

4.  Teach a child something you wish you had learned.

5.  Have some fun and play a game.

We all have only so many minutes.