Yogi – Better Than the Average Human Being

Ouch!  That is gonna hurt!


No I am not talking about the picture.  I am talking about the loss of a great man – Yogi Berra.

In this picture, Berra leaps into the arms of pitcher Don Larsen after Larsen struck out the last Brooklyn Dodgers batter to complete his perfect game in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series.  (Thanks to the Associated Press)

Yogi gave us colloquialisms like “It ain’t over til it’s over.”   But he was more than a wordsmith, he was a soldier, athlete, manager and, more importantly, an honest, caring human being.  He knew he was lucky and felt a desire to share his luck through his philanthropic work.

Unfortunately for Yogi, it’s over.  But for us the memories live on.

For more on this incredible human being, see this website.




Stock System for the Little Guy

Why can’t anyone submit a stock sell order with a price range?  In other words with a maximum price AND a minimum price so you maximize your profit and minimize your loss?  Why do we have to hope it will go up and never go down?

Why do we have to use a 100 year old process that is susceptible to flash crashes and flash freezes?

Benefits of a selling price range include less risk.  A flash crash would be averted because free-falling stock prices would not happen since everyone would sell out at the lower price before a crash occurred.

But better yet, what if you allowed the maximum price to rise with the stock price?  The result is more profit if your stock rises even further.

And what if this new system works for shorting stocks as well as buying stocks?

There is a patent pending process called the Low High Trailing Execution Stock Orders System.

Time to enter the next century.