#MorningsWouldBeBetterIf There Was No Stress

Stress can really be a bummer.  Be glad that you are not this guy.


Pick your favorite caption for this Monk.

1.  I thought Monks only prayed all day.  Boy was I wrong.

2.  Are you sure these knives have not been sharpened in 5 years?

3.  Next time I will wear a shirt.

4.  Forget that.  Next time I will wear a Kevlar bullet-proof vest.


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Fifty Shades of Stress

Are you stretched to the max like this dog?  You might be stressed.


Maybe you need some me time or some alone time or some quiet time.

Or maybe some noise cancelling headphones.

No, better yet, you need to do some yoga like this dog is performing.


Relax!  It is not the end of the world yet.