#QuestionsIOftenAsk – Have You Seen My Glasses?

When you just gotta find something you lost.


And then my keys

And then my cell phone.


And then my favorite Sponge Bob T-shirt.


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Every Man Needs One of These!

No! Not Bernanke!


I am talking about a Superman t-shirt.

There is an old, old, old saying that goes something like this: “He pulled the trump card to win.”  This saying existed long before Donald Trump said, “You’re Fired!” on television.  In fact, it has nothing to do with Donald Trump.  It basically talks about having the winning card in a card game.  But who plays card games anymore?

So what could be better than a winning playing card?  How about a Superman t-shirt? Men can just rip off the outer layer of clothing and show everyone who the super hero is.

If Ben Bernanke has one, then every one has to have one.