Fed Inflation Target Is Abnormal

The Fed Fund Rate is at a historic low of 0.25, practically zero.  Why?


Because the Fed has an Inflation Target of 2%.  Same as the World’s Central Bankers.


But that is totally abnormal when you look at the historical values of Inflation and the Federal Reserve (Fed) Fund Rate in the United States.


The 52 year average for the Fed Fund Rate is 5.45% and for Inflation is 4.01%.

That is a difference of 1.44%.  Notice the Fed Fund Rate is usually above the Inflation Rate.

If the Fed wanted the Inflation Target to be 2%, then the Fed Fund Rate should be 2% plus 1.44% or 3.44%.

Instead the Fed Fund Rate is 0.25% which should drive an Inflation Rate of 0.25% minus 1.44% or negative 1.19%.  That means deflation!  Oops!

For another opinion, look at this:



Hold onto your hats, Ladies and Gentlemen.

FYI: The Fed Funds Rate is the rate charged banks to borrow money.  The banks in turn charge us 16% to 23% on credit cards for the use of that money.  Ouch!

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[Thanks to Tyler Durden for the abnormal idea.  Data courtesy of Federal Reserve Economic Data, FRED]

Updated 02/18/2016

Advance Your Agenda

I came across this picture I had saved a while back.advance your agenda

This photo screams “Move on.  Do not stand still.  You will be a sitting duck aka target.”

It also says “Do something with your life. Learn something. Grow.”

Maybe it would sink in better if I woke up facing this picture every day.