Interstellar Program Is Out of This World

We are not talking about a space program with visits to Mars.


This is a national competition with the support of the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) which is sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).

Whew!  Enough of the acronyms already!

The idea is to test the mathematical prowess of every high school and create the equivalent of the NCAA brackets.  Only for math instead of basketball.

You could say it is going where no one has gone before.

For more information see the following website.

Captain Kirk Saves Oscars

Trekkies had a lot to celebrate during the Academy Awards.


Captain Kirk went back in time to 2013 to help Seth McFarlane clean up his act.

The Captain spent 20 minutes giving Seth tips for the show which included several classic song and dance numbers with Seth and other stars.

A special tribute to James Bond movies was well received.

By the end of the night, the big winners were “Life of Pi”, “Argo”, Daniel Day-Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence.

So Trekkies and Engineers everywhere were celebrating what they have known all along: the importance of Pi.

A special appearance by Michelle Obama and her bangs to announce the Best Picture, “Argo”, was also smashing.