States Flunk Health Care Pricing Transparency

When is the NSA better than my state’s government?

state_health_price_transThe answer is when the NSA can go through billions of phone records and find a terrorist in Yemen but our states have access to millions of health provider records but are unable to monitor the providers.

Likewise my healthcare provider spends millions on lobbyists but cannot tell me how much it will cost to fix a broken nose.

What is wrong with this picture?

For more information, see this site.

2 thoughts on “States Flunk Health Care Pricing Transparency

  1. The problem isn’t as simple as it sounds. Humans are very complex. When u say how much does it cost to fix a broken nose? Well that depends. Did the person sustain a head injury along with it? Are they needing bleeding controlled? Do thy har other medical problems that complicate the issue such as a trach? Or COPD? Or HTN? I understand why people want aple pricing but it isn’t always possible. When it is possible I agree with you. I am an NP and I’ve been in healthcare 20 years…it’s more complex then most realize. Plus doctors would like it more simple too, but the government and insurance companies add to the problems.


    • Thanks Sarah for responding. I am sure pricing is more complicated than we think. There have been news reports of attempts to have a national database which shows the range of charges which can be very wide. I think the Medicare system is the one accumulating the data. One goal of the ACA is to have such a database. You may want to read my book “The Assassinsation of Political Robocalls” where I have nearly 60 predictions for the future including jewelry which contains a person’s complete medical history.


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