How Watergate Affected #StockMarket

Sometimes you just gotta look at history.  Watergate affected the Dow Jones.


This chart shows the 1974 recession started months before Nixon resigned.  In fact, about 18 months after the Watergate break in.

Here is more information.

You have a connection.

1.  Is impeachment gonna hurt?

2.  How often does the DJIA go down?

3.  Was bitcoin a fluke?

4.  Can you say rollercoaster?

Everyone needs the human connection.


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Kim Jung and Obama Play Ping Pong

Okay not physically. Not like what Nixon and Kissinger did to open relations with China.  We are talking about verbal ping pong.  It all started when Obama made sure he had bigger binoculars.  NEWS ALERT – KIM GETS NEW BINOCULARS – See below.



Several days ago President Obama visited the Korean demilitarized zone and said, “It’s like looking across 50 years into a country that has missed 40 years or 50 years of progress.”  For more information see the following website.

North Korea announced “the time has come to settle accounts with the US imperialists.”  See the following for more details.

US Defense Secretary Hagel admitted that “several B-2 bombers dropped dummy bombs on a South Korea island.”  Here is more:

North Korea stated through it news agency that it has entered a “state of war” with South Korea as seen at the following website.

Now North Korea has stated it has approved a nuclear attack on the United States.  Here are details.

White House Petition

The US has responded to aggressive talk by the North Koreans by further participating in drills with South Korea, positioning ships in the area and beefing up defenses in Guam.

We need to balance that strong defense with political gestures.  The perfect gesture is to mail 2 NY Knicks Tickets to the homes of the Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un and His Generals.  This way they know we know their home addresses and at the same time offer a gift to resume talks.  Please sign the petition at



We will monitor this tense situation and see if Kim Jong Un gets his NY Knicks tickets..