#WhatMakesMeABadass Is Telepathic Rock Tossing

When you have to move mountains but have a bad back.


Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  The hills are alive, with the sound of boulders.

2.  Edelweiss.   Edelweiss.   FLOWERS LOOK OUT!

3.  Climb every mountain. Ford every stream.

4.  Sixteen going on seventeen boulders!


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You Must Have Rocks In Your Head

Some people including my wife get turned around easily.  In other words, they easily lose their sense of direction.

Iron Ore

So I tell people, “If only my wife would eat more raisins.”  They ask, “Why?”

I reply, “Because raisins are full of iron and if my wife had more iron, then maybe her internal compass would work better.”  😉